Games and Upgrades!


Well I keep falling behind on posts, but will try and work on that. I have been busy with work, and gaming, things kind of get pushed aside in the “I’ll do it later,” pile, and that pile get’s real high, topples over and then you lose somethings that were in it. But yeah, working on it.

So I have been playing a new game for me the lat 3 weeks just about. I think tomorrow will be 3 weeks. I got GTA V and have dropped in 130+ hours now in GTA. Most of that in the first week and a half. I have not played the single player story, strictly playing GTA Online. It’s fun, it’s hectic, and man it is a freaking grind to earn money, but it is fun. I think I may frustrate those I play with though, with how bad I am.


I will be upgrading my PC soon, well, really putting together a entire new one. I won a AMD Ryzen 1700X and a MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard. I did not want to put it in the old broken Cool Master HAF X case that I have, so I got a new one. Photos will be posted on my Twitter, that you can see on the side over <—— there. Check it out. Follow me!

Out for now.

Games, games, games!

Been a while between posts, life gets in the way. But I have been constantly continuing my gaming. I have gone from one game to another, random games here and there, and of course constant ones like CS GO. I’ve gotten a little better I think at CS GO, not by much though, I still end each round last… with more deaths than kills… usually die each round for each game… don’t judge me… but anyways… Here are some guns I’ve picked up since my last CS GO post.

One of the games I have been playing, H1Z1 King of the Kill, this game gives me so much anxiety. Here’s some screenshots of some of the gear I’ve gotten. I have only killed I think 7 to 10 people ever in this game. I usually die pretty quick, and if playing in a group of 3’s or 5’s, I’m usually the shield since I die first. This game as I mentioned gives me anxiety, more so when playing alone. When you’re trying to hide and creep then suddenly you hear shotgun blasts like right next to you, it freaks you out. It’s a great game though, more fun if you play with a group, at least for me. My best kill though is below as well. (warning, cussing is heard!)

Another game I’ve been playing a lot is Planet Coasters. IT IS SO TIME CONSUMING though. Be warned. If you are detail oriented… well, it was nice knowing you. I spent 2.5 hours tweaking a bridge I got from the Workshop… it was already buil… so imagine what I could have been tweaking that took that long. I clocked I think this week about 23+ hours. May not seem like a lot for those who stream like 8 hrs a day, but for me, it’s a lot. I have also been streaming it over on my Twitch stream. Feel free to visit. I had planned to do a park with 4 diff sections, that did not go as planned. Right now its going to be 2 different sections, one winter/harry potterish side and one Fantasy/Fairytale side. Here’s some shots of that as well.

Stardew Valley is another game I got addicted to like my addiction to Fun Dip… it’s like crack… or so I assume. I played this for HOURS on end, it was getting scary… I wasn’t sleeping. I need to get back to it but I am skird that I’ll get pulled back in, it was seriously getting unhealthy. I streamed my play as well, should still be on my Twitch. This game is so much more than just a farming game, I don’t want to stay much as to not ruin it for people but maaaan this town has some people with issues, fyi. Here is a shot of my farm atm.

So that’s pretty much it, aside from some random games as well. One of which HUE that I want to make a post about later. Keep an eye on that one, its a beautiful puzzle like game that is awesome. For now though, keep gaming. It’s what I plan to do.


The Mean Greens – Plastic Warfare

Currently for the next 1 day and 20 hours Humble Bundle’s Unreal Engine bundle, is up. For a low cost you can get a couple good games. Dangerous Gold, and The Mean Greens – Plastic Warefare. While there are some server issues and trouble finding games, if you can get it to work, The Mean Greens – Plastic Warefare is very adorable. It’s like little army men battling each other, sort of like the movie Toys, in terms of look and feel. Take a look at some screenshots below.

The art style and look is pretty awesome IMO, and I think its great. Take a look at that Christmas pic, its a train that runs around a Christmas tree. It is so freaking cute that the server issues are worth it. I hope to stream it but so far it uses too many resources for my computer to be able to stream it sadly.

If you got a couple bucks to spare, I totally recommend trying it out!


I have been continuing my gaming, and as such earning things in game. I have won an awesome gun skin from a 24 hour stream from @Sharkfeet on Twitch and Twitter, check him out. I have also opened up some crates, not many because they cost real monies, but a couple. Here are some images of guns I have gotten now. I still suck at the game, but I am having fun playing it. I don’t stream it because I join in on Shark’s stream and until I figure out sound, I can’t stream or it would bring in his streams audio. I’ll figure it out eventually though. For now, here are the guns!



I caved and got Overwatch. I am really enjoying the Junkenstiens Revenge and all the Halloween things. I am very bad at it, I die A LOT, but it is fun and I am enjoying it, that is what matters right? But if anyone joins my stream or me in my discord, you’ll hear me cuss the living hell out of it. I can’t stream it using x264 encoding though because it locks up the stream and stops working, I have to use AMD. Quality isn’t great but it’s the best I can do with the PC setup I have.

I shall be playing this often, as they are going to take away my favorite thing of the game soon.


First CS : GO Case


I opened my first crate! Happy with that I got. It is soooo puuuurty!

Counter Strike

So I watch a stream sometimes, Sharkfeet and he plays Counter Strike M,W,F. I decided to get the game and try it out knowing that games like that… do not like me. I suck at them very very much. I do not understand how people can kill me so quick. I will shoot at people and nothing, like they don’t get hurt, they shoot once at me and BAM I am dead.

AAAAHHHH. And we play casual, but still drives me nuts.

In other news, I’ve been super tired and not had a chance to play much. Hope to change that soon.


Rocket League

So I got a new (well new to me) game this week called Rocket League. It’s like crazy soccer on steroids, but with cars. Yep, cars. Below are some of the car setups I have. The van is nice to slam into people with, but I found it slower than the rest I have played with. You start off with a couple cars and as you play you can earn more body styles, as well as tires, decals, antenna toppers, etc. etc. Some are just for certain cars while others are for common general “all” cars. I got this game on the 5th, late at night so I don’t really count it, so lets say 4 days. Tue-Fri for $20 bucks, which is now on sale for $25… go figure. The game is described on the steam page as follows:

“Soccer meets driving once again in the long-awaited, physics-based sequel to the beloved arena classic, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars! A futuristic Sports-Action game, Rocket League®, equips players with booster-rigged vehicles that can be crashed into balls for incredible goals or epic saves across multiple, highly-detailed arenas. Using an advanced physics system to simulate realistic interactions,Rocket League® relies on mass and momentum to give players a complete sense of intuitive control in this unbelievable, high-octane re-imagining of association football.”

Check out my cars below, and if you like I will be streaming (or trying to, not the best PC and not the best connection so I keep getting disconnected), for game play of it. The link to my Twitch stream is over on the left, under my Steam info.

I have enjoyed this game and will be posting more about it as I play. There are some things I do not like, but I’ll post more of that later.


Say what?

Alright, let’s see if I can start to regularly post again. I’ve had this domain for a long time and didn’t really do much with it. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it, but since it is my gamertag in many places, I figure, why not make it about what I am playing/gaming. So that’s my goal. I would like to try and stream, but with my setup being budget, it’s not the best. Up until last night/this morning 4-5am-ish I had not had any streaming success, though thanks to a friend I was able to make some progress. If I get to stream one thing is sure, it will not be high end HD, or even HD… connection isn’t the best either… thanks Cox (not).

You can see my Steam info on the left, as well as my Twitch stream.

More interesting post coming soon… when I’ve not been up for 2 days almost straight (thanks lack of being able to sleep… and Rocket League), and am not at work.

#NeedSleep #ButCan’t #ButWannaPlayRocketLeague