Well I keep falling behind on posts, but will try and work on that. I have been busy with work, and gaming, things kind of get pushed aside in the “I’ll do it later,” pile, and that pile get’s real high, topples over and then you lose somethings that were in it. But yeah, working on it.

So I have been playing a new game for me the lat 3 weeks just about. I think tomorrow will be 3 weeks. I got GTA V and have dropped in 130+ hours now in GTA. Most of that in the first week and a half. I have not played the single player story, strictly playing GTA Online. It’s fun, it’s hectic, and man it is a freaking grind to earn money, but it is fun. I think I may frustrate those I play with though, with how bad I am.


I will be upgrading my PC soon, well, really putting together a entire new one. I won a AMD Ryzen 1700X and a MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard. I did not want to put it in the old broken Cool Master HAF X case that I have, so I got a new one. Photos will be posted on my Twitter, that you can see on the side over <—— there. Check it out. Follow me!

Out for now.