Been a while between posts, life gets in the way. But I have been constantly continuing my gaming. I have gone from one game to another, random games here and there, and of course constant ones like CS GO. I’ve gotten a little better I think at CS GO, not by much though, I still end each round last… with more deaths than kills… usually die each round for each game… don’t judge me… but anyways… Here are some guns I’ve picked up since my last CS GO post.

One of the games I have been playing, H1Z1 King of the Kill, this game gives me so much anxiety. Here’s some screenshots of some of the gear I’ve gotten. I have only killed I think 7 to 10 people ever in this game. I usually die pretty quick, and if playing in a group of 3’s or 5’s, I’m usually the shield since I die first. This game as I mentioned gives me anxiety, more so when playing alone. When you’re trying to hide and creep then suddenly you hear shotgun blasts like right next to you, it freaks you out. It’s a great game though, more fun if you play with a group, at least for me. My best kill though is below as well. (warning, cussing is heard!)

Another game I’ve been playing a lot is Planet Coasters. IT IS SO TIME CONSUMING though. Be warned. If you are detail oriented… well, it was nice knowing you. I spent 2.5 hours tweaking a bridge I got from the Workshop… it was already buil… so imagine what I could have been tweaking that took that long. I clocked I think this week about 23+ hours. May not seem like a lot for those who stream like 8 hrs a day, but for me, it’s a lot. I have also been streaming it over on my Twitch stream. Feel free to visit. I had planned to do a park with 4 diff sections, that did not go as planned. Right now its going to be 2 different sections, one winter/harry potterish side and one Fantasy/Fairytale side. Here’s some shots of that as well.

Stardew Valley is another game I got addicted to like my addiction to Fun Dip… it’s like crack… or so I assume. I played this for HOURS on end, it was getting scary… I wasn’t sleeping. I need to get back to it but I am skird that I’ll get pulled back in, it was seriously getting unhealthy. I streamed my play as well, should still be on my Twitch. This game is so much more than just a farming game, I don’t want to stay much as to not ruin it for people but maaaan this town has some people with issues, fyi. Here is a shot of my farm atm.

So that’s pretty much it, aside from some random games as well. One of which HUE that I want to make a post about later. Keep an eye on that one, its a beautiful puzzle like game that is awesome. For now though, keep gaming. It’s what I plan to do.