Currently for the next 1 day and 20 hours Humble Bundle’s Unreal Engine bundle, is up. For a low cost you can get a couple good games. Dangerous Gold, and The Mean Greens – Plastic Warefare. While there are some server issues and trouble finding games, if you can get it to work, The Mean Greens – Plastic Warefare is very adorable. It’s like little army men battling each other, sort of like the movie Toys, in terms of look and feel. Take a look at some screenshots below.

The art style and look is pretty awesome IMO, and I think its great. Take a look at that Christmas pic, its a train that runs around a Christmas tree. It is so freaking cute that the server issues are worth it. I hope to stream it but so far it uses too many resources for my computer to be able to stream it sadly.

If you got a couple bucks to spare, I totally recommend trying it out!